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Language is STILL the most useful art


Storytelling for Managers and Salespeople

People don't respond to hard, dry facts. (They think they do, but they don't) The way to really get people's attention, motivate them, and fully-engage them, is to share a step-by-step story with them. 


Improv for Teambuilding, Creativity

Most people have no idea how creative they can really be. We've been
creatively strangled by teachers, bad schools and bad bosses. Through
the principles of Improv (invented in the theatre community, now used
globally from Microsoft to Google to Wells Fargo Bank) we can get back in touch with our most-powerful creative impulses.

Presentation Siklls in English

Does the idea of presenting in English fill you with fear? Is this fear preventing you from excelling in your work and sharing your ideas? Being a good presenter isn't magic. You just need to know the tools to use.

English Language Coaching

Through language we can connect with others, with ourselves and the power of our own creativity. I am convinced there are no “language barriers,” only language possibilities. 


profile & experience


Experienced theatre actress and improv performer, trained film actress.


Certified fitness trainer, extensive knowledge of anatomy and training principles.

English language

Published writer, author of 2 successful books, countless magazine articles.


Professional jazz vocalist and improviser.

Foreign languages

Speaks French, Czech, Norwegian.  Studies Italian, German, Spanish

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